Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Text Messaging Banned In Commercial Vehicles While in Operation.

Driving along today I heard a news clip on the radio stating that texting while operating a commercial vehicle has been banned by the DOT. I really couldn't believe my ears that the government had to actually pass a law stating truckers and commercial operators are not to text or email while driving.

Was this really necessary? What real truck driver would be ignorant enough to even attempt to text while operating an 80,000 lb vehicle? That is ludicrous to say the least. I have to come to expect this type of behavior from young motorists, but not from truck drivers. How to truckers explain themselves when they have been involved in an accident because they were distracted by texting? Probably something like this, "Umm, I am sorry your wife/son/daughter/husband/brother/sister/aunt/grandmother (et cetera) was killed by my negligence to operate safely due to me texting my friend about last nights football game. I am sorry I felt it was more important to talk trash about my team winning the game instead of operationg this 40 ton vehicle safely around your family. It won't happen again, I promise."

Let's face it, if fatal crashed have not happened because of trucker texting while driving, then this law would not be needed in the first place. I am still looking for the professional drivers out there. I know they exist.

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