Thursday, January 28, 2010

Down Comes the Ban Hammer for Texting Truckers

I find this hilarious how local governments are trying to figure out how to enforce the new "No Texting while Driving" law that has been imposed on truckers and commercial operators. You cannot tell me that the local law enforcement hasn't figured out the psychology that is behind setting laws like this.

What DOT and federal government are attempting to do here is set the law into place that will effect the thinking of %80 of all motorists. You see, they know that there is no real way to enforce this because there is really no way of depicting what someone is doing on their cell phone or texting device unless you are in the same vehicle with that person.

Statistically, 81% of people will naturally follow the law as it is written so says lawmakers. If they can get 81% of motorists to stop texting while driving then they will have successfully enforced the law without actually doing the leg work. In my opinion, if the stats are correct, then this will be a tremendous victory for lawmakers and the accident/death toll will significantly decline among the trucking and general motorists community. I say truckers should endorse this and not condemn it. It might just save your or someone in family's life.

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