Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Trucking Industry still seeing Many applicants

El Paso, TX - It was about five years ago, when the license heavyweights have only a handful of people willing to work as a driver.

Well, that's another story.

Truck Driving School in El Paso Community College, a local Mesilla Valley Transportation, said that the class almost doubled in recent months.

While classes are usually 10 students, he is now about 18

"We are twice as likely to recover, but people can not find the money for training, and it is difficult for a Bank loan," said Royal Jones, president of transportation costs for students.

Jones said he believes that the influx of applications in the context of the economic downturn - including housing bust.

"The building was almost a lot of people as drivers, because every night at home ..." Said Jones.

"Now that everything that you, many people have circulation figures."

Jones said, driving, even at the local or national companies with good wages and benefits for travel throughout the country.

But a big advantage of this decline is that graduates of the class start time is still a work guaranteed.

"We have 100% of the procedure. Everyone, graduates of this school, my work," says Jones.

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