Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gay Marriage in the United States? How can that be?

Reading over Yahoo news today I noticed the headline, "Gay-marriage battle reignites", and for some reason it struck me hard in the gut. So I thought I would rant a little about the whole gay marriage thing and how it should not be allowed in the United States no matter who supports it or not.

First of all, if you are gay then you are lost..period. According to the Holy Bible you will be burned for eternity and not allowed into the kingdom of heaven because of your homosexuality. That is unless you repent and ask our Lord for forgiveness and change you wicked ways. But you aren't going to do that are you? You think you have the "Human" right to choose your sexuality no matter what the ultimate supreme being says about it. Or you just do not believe GOD exists because if you did then you would not be gay. Or maybe you do believe in GOD and you even worship with a church and still go through life in front of him being gay and thinking that he is going to except you anyway. Or maybe you just do not care?

Whatever the case may be I can tell you this much, even if you do not think homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes then you need to look into the political history of the country you are tarnishing with this evil parade. The morals of which this country was founded on and governed by does NOT ALLOW homosexuality to be publicly displayed. The covenant between a man and a woman is HOLY... Not between a Man and a Man or Woman and a Woman. And our country believes in this and willingly displays it for all to see. You are trying to force a country that has honored this covenant to change it's ways for your selfishness. It's not the other way around because we have believed in a man and a woman ONLY are to be married since the beginning.

You are telling the government that "You HAVE to allow us to be married" when is fact they do not. In fact, the US government has a Biblical right to stone you to death just for being gay. So why do you think that your government should allow Gay's to be married considering the very structure was founded on Biblical morals? Should we bow down to you and change what cannot be changed? Or should we banish you for not living as God intended in the very country he influenced the government of and still does to this day?

Look, I am not one to judge you for your actions or the way you willingly choose, which is a God given talent, to live sexually. But I will tell you this, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you push or advertise your beliefs, you will never change the heart and soul of this Jesus following country. And also you need to be aware that Jesus followers are growing in numbers exponentially thanks to our recessive economy. Your life as a homosexual is going to be much harder in the future as generations are being lead to Christ and some people have even predicted a revolution lead by christians to rid this country of all sin against God.

I think God everyday for the breath in my body and for the treasures he has allowed me to have in my life like my Wife and my 3 children. I am by no means wealthy financially but I am rich with God. He fills my heart with love and my mind with peace. He is the filler of the empty spaces in my life and I can always look to him for guidance when I am off track. He is my provider and my salvation, my love and my joy. Without him my life would be empty and meaningless. I give him all the credit because that is where the credit is due. And the least I can do to show him how much I love him and thank him is to live by his word. Forsaking God is not an option for me and I guess I find it hard to believe that anyone could forsake God.

I hope I have offended some and encouraged others. Once you are a believer in God you will see what I see and follow him with me. Repent and come to Christ before your time runs out. Until then I and many others will pray for the lost souls in hopes that christ will enter their hearts. We already know he is in your mind. All you have to do is act on your feelings and give yourself away to him. It is not to late for you and the time is now.

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