Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trucking Industry is More Competitive

There has been a layoff at a time when people are looking for work, thinking of going on the road to open.

The Illinois Trucking Association, in the past 12 months, 106,000 truck driving jobs nationwide dropped. More than 25,000 pieces were made in January alone.

Right now it is 8.5% unemployment rate in the truck driving industry.

However, some say there is no job - it is a competitive field.

Don Hill's return to a new page in the career.

"I am determined to graduate in the middle."

This fracture Lake College truck driving students to enter the labor force. It will be a major change from his last job as a priest.

"I was a priest in a small church in Sturgis, Kentucky for 2 years, but finances are melted. Foreign trip and return Zeigler - it's 80 miles one way," says Hill.

He is not the only one who threw the truck driver as a reliable solution.

"We have re-trained miners and factory workers," says instructor Rodney college summers.

Summers says is needed for truck drivers, but the industry is changing as truck driving companies engaged in the economy weakened.

"Some companies have short-term freeze on hiring. Some have cut their fleets."

Plus, it is a pool of candidates larger so that businesses can be more selective.

"At one point, you must employ many speed tickets."

Are now looking for better and better.

Summers, said he does not rip Lake students in good position, because the truck driving program has a strong reputation.

"We still have students work, but should apply to some companies," says summers.

Don Hill is optimistic.

"I have a feeling that there will always be needed. America is going in the car."

Given that people turn to focus on green energy, can have a positive impact on the functioning of the truck. Will be a truck to haul drivers for products such as grains for ethanol and equipment for solar and wind technologies.

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