Saturday, March 7, 2009

Congress to Cut Funds for Mexico Pilot Program

U. S. Congress is preparing to cut off money for the pilot program, which paved the way for more than 500 vehicles from 100 Mexican operators to drive deep into the U.S.. U.S. allowed only a handful of Mexican trucks to travel abroad in the southern region, while it agreed when it signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, that the Mexican trucks full access to U.S. roads since 1995. If the U.S. is not in accordance with the agreement of NAFTA, Mexico could retaliate, for example, targeted placement, or to raise tariffs on American goods. If funding for this program was finally terminated by Congress, Mexico will keep open its options, said Arturo Sarukhan, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States, including revenge. "

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pcorn54 said...


I would suggest everyone read the DOT OIG Final Report and then call your Senators and DEMAND Section 136 be pulled from the bill.

The OIG report is a real eye opener in many ways.

Specifically, it shows the opponents of this program have been blowing smoke up the publics butt for the past 10 years and makes Hoffa and others look like complete morons when the repeat their mantra of "Dangerous Mexican Trucks putting the American public at risk"

Especially interesting is where the report caught OOIDA in a whopper of a lie concerning Trinity Industries de Mexico.