Saturday, March 7, 2009

More and More Applications Flood Trucking Companies

The recession is clearly harmful for most companies these days, but for the transport industry, is, in fact, gives them the momentum.

Truck companies reported a significant increase in the number of applications, which allows them to be more selective in whom to hire. Last year, 50 percent reported an increase in the number of applications.

In addition, you will not be looking for workers. D.M. Bowman reduce its expenditure on advertising by 60 percent.

While many businesses will be forced out of service, DM Bowman will still be around. In addition, the company, other than in the engine business, and Lay on holiday, and they are currently working in the automotive industry a stable career.

"In the 32 years that Ive hire truck drivers, a very unusual time, said Gary Kelly, Vice-President of Driver Services DM Bowman. This is a time when we have company in his own driver's seat on the provision of people."

Mike Whitcomb, a truck driver at DM Bowman, said: "You show me every week when the house of my salary, and his hands and thank you for what you do for me."

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