Monday, January 24, 2011

Stop Smoking. You Can Quit Now.

Quit Now! That's what you have to tell yourself when you decide to stop smoking. Cigarettes are a $12billion dollar industry per year. The Cigarette companies are making loads of money providing a product that literally kills thousands of people each and every year. But, you can quit! Yes you can. How do I know? Because I smoked for 17 years and quit smoking. But like any kind of addiction, it was not easy.

After I decided to put down cigarettes I spent most of my time thinking about smoking one. Day in, day out it was always on my mind. Every time I passed by someone sucking on one I would deliberately stand close to them just to be able to smell the second hand smoke from it. Off and on I tried to quit cold turkey but the pressure was to much for me to handle. After I realized this I made the decision to get some help to quit smoking permanently!

I am on the road a lot and started noticing these electronic cigarettes on the counters of convenient stores. I read the packages and was tempted to by them on occasion, but I opted to buy a pack of smokes instead. But the day I decided to get help I remembered the electronic stogies and decided to pull them up on the Internet and learn more about them. After I learned what they could do, I purchased a Stop Smoking Starter Kit from The Safe Cig.

Every since the day I received my shipment, I have been smoke free. That was 2 years ago. I know that if I can quit smoking by using these electronic cigarettes then anybody can. Go take a look at what they can do for you and see if it is something that may help. I know it will. Click Here to Follow the Link to The Safe Cig.

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