Monday, September 17, 2007

Trucking is not for the Weak

Here is one last gas before I head back onto the road.

Trucking is not for the weak. You have to have a certain mind set to be able to be a truck operator. Here are the dos and don'ts of trucking to help you decide if it is the right industry for you to begin or maintain a carrer in:

Be Curteous: You always have to realize that most citizens driving cars, SUVs and Pick-Ups are ignorant to Trucks. For the most part they are not stupid, just uneducated and they think that trucks can operate on the highways the same way their vehicles can.

Keep your Distance: Always maintain a good distance from all other vehicles. This should be on your mind at ALL times. If you need to slow down to get away from others, then do it. Don't think you have the right of way, because no body else thinks you do.

Pull Over: If you get sleepy, Angry, frustrated, or just plain don't care... Then pull over and park so no one else is affected by your potential mistakes. Don't make other motorists pay for your attitude problem or your neglect for safe operation.

Enjoy your Job: Overall, have a good time. Listen to your Sirius Radio or talk to other Truckers on the CB. Sing to yourself, do whatever it takes to have fun. Hell, sometimes I'll make up silly songs just to keep myself laughing. I know it seems strange, but everyone should have their own litle niche to keep them going.

Take Pride in what you do!: This is possibly the most important part of your mind set. Have pride in Trucking. You, after all, are the backbone of this country. Whether or not people realize it, you deliver their lives. We make normal living possible for everyone in the USA. I know we are under a lot of pressure and it seems no one cares for what we do for them, but what if 1 in 1000 people actually do care? To me, that is enough to feel a since of accomplishment in Trucking.

Here are some don'ts:
You are NOT the king of the Road Anymore!: This use to be true back in the days where there were hardly any motorists on the road except for trucks. Now, however, Cars, SUVs and other vehicles out number us 10 to 1. Stop thinking every else should be watching out for you, because they are NOT. You have to be the professional on the road and back down when necessary.

Don't React before you Think: Always think about what you are doing or what you are going to do. Alot of people react and talk before they think about it first. It only takes a split second to devise a thought in your brain, so take that second to stay out of harms way.

Don't get into an Argument with another Trucker over the CB: I know this seems corny, but it is a growing problem on the air ways. Everyday I hear truckers fighting and cursing each other over the radio. Who invented this childsplay? Truckers are supposed to be friendly to each other and stick by each other. If someone is trying to provoke and altercation with you, just turn that knob to the left and shut it off. If you can't find enough self control to turn your CB off, then maybe you should seek out other career opportunities.

I hope my two cents can help some of you get through the everyday tasks invloved with trucking. Be safe ladies and gentlemen, and have a great week on the road!


The PartsPimp said...

I think this is a great article. Most people simply jump into things thinking it is 'easy' or pays well.

Good points.

The PartsPimp

sandwedge said...

Don't forget all them gators out there. they really do bite ya know

Jennifer said...

I took a puppet with me that i could sing with and I could also use to shift the gears. I made it fun

Jason Hilton said...

A Puppet? That's interesting.