Saturday, September 29, 2007

California to Ban Owner Operators from Ports.

I only caught a small fraction of the story on my Sirius Radio this week. The part that I heard, and probably all I needed to hear, was that some part of the government is trying to ban owner operators from shuttling containers in and out of the California ports. They claim they are trying to get Old trucks off the road and cut down on polution.

Let me ask you something.. Is banning owner operators the best way to accomplish a better and safer environment? Let me give you the short answer.

Hell No It is Not! All this policy is going to accomplish, and I have said it before, is help people realize how much our government acutally does despise this industry. Why would you try to take the bread and butter off of the plate that feeds you when, if all you want is lower polution and newer trucks, the only thing that need to be done is put in place more strict guidlines on the type of tractors these owner opps are using. Why can't the independent contractors be given a choice to either upgrage their equiptment and use later model trucks?

STOP THIS BULLSHIT! It's not fair to the small business owners. Basically what the government is doing is much like a communist application. They are not saying we will give these drivers a chance to purchase newer model are saying we want the independent contractors OUT of our ports and Commercial Trucking companies are In! In my opinion it has nothing to do with Polution or the older model trucks.. This is some politcal bs to help push our industry into more of a mechanism than an out right free to work entity.

And, do you NOT find it funny how close the California ports are to Mexico? This stupid plan is going to ruin the west coast and riddle our highways with Mexican, Old model, Non maintained, High polution trucks! The government is doing this because of their bottom dollar. They will MAKE MORE MONEY for CHEAPER FREIGHT HAULERS!

I think this is a landmark for an upcoming revolution with American Truckers. If drivers do not stand together to fight this type of polical polution, then we are doomed for sure and Mexico may as well just take our trucks too.

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