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Using Baby Strollers for Excercising - Being Active Wiith Strollers

Being Active With Strollers

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Parents, are you looking for ways to stay active with a new baby? Although having a child drastically changes your lifestyle, you don\'t always need to give up your old routines, such as going for a jog. Your routines may change, however. More specifically, instead of going to the jogging path on your own, you will likely need to bring your baby and a stroller.

Sitters aren\'t always available every time you want to go out and run. Jogging strollers, instead, allow you to get back into your physical routine and to bring your child along. A newer model, a jogging stroller has a three-wheeled, streamlined design that provides better maneuverability around curves and corners. Built with a suspension, the jogging stroller can also be taken on uneven surfaces. As you push the stroller while you run, your child inside is secure and comfortable.

Not everyone\'s a jogger, and some exercise routines involve a track or similar surface for running. If you plan to take your child with you, jogging strollers with fixed wheels are built for this use. Fixed wheels are less likely to turn and allow you to stay in direction as you run.
Aside from running and jogging, a stroller can be brought along to an exercise class – but not your typical aerobics session. Instead, stroller exercise classes for mothers are becoming popular. You can\'t just leave your baby sitting in a car seat, but you can keep him or her inside the stroller as you use it to sweat and burn calories.

In these classes, a stroller is a tool for exercising. Running and toning are often part of these classes, and the stroller is used in place of weights or other equipment.
Although strollers allow you to bring a child along, make sure your baby is safe inside. In general, newborns should not be placed in a stroller, and infants six months or older need to be placed in a reclining position with head support. The stroller, as well, needs to keep the child secure and comfortable inside. A jogging stroller may smooth the ride on rough areas, but the child needs to be secured with a five-point harness.

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