Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love My Zippo Lighter

I had my zippo for 13 years and never had an issue with it. I probably dropped the thing a thousand times in those years and still, no problems. The other day I was walking from my car to go inside a store when I dropped my zippo for the last time. MY lighter wasn't so lucky after this one. I broke the top part of the lighter where the striker is and rendered it useless.

So, I started looking for a new zippo and was having a hard time finding one that appealed to me. I think it was because all the zippo lighters that are found in retail stores are all the same. So I looked online and found a really cool retro looking zippo and decided to buy it. I love it. It looks cool and it works as good as my old zippo. The picture to the left is exactly the one I bought.

Anyway, if you are looking for a new zippo or any other smoking products, then I recommend visiting the site that I purchased this lighter from. Go to and check them out.

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