Thursday, February 10, 2011

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Review.

SiriusXM Radio Review

Author: Jason Hilton

I am a Truck Driver and I have been using SiriusXM Radio for 6 years. I was originally only with Sirius until they merged with XM radio. Being on the road a lot can get boring to say the least if I don't not have some type of entertainment.

I purchased my first sirius radio in 2005 mainly because I found out that Howard Stern had moved from FM radio to sirius. I had no idea what all was on the radio until I purchased it. It's mind blowing how many channels there are and the variety of categories. I mainly stay on the entertainment channels but sometimes venture over to the talk channels like the patriot channel which is my favorite conservative talk radio channel. SiriusXM also has the left channel which is liberal talk radio for you lefty's out there.

Now that I have had ample time to use the SiriusXM radio I can tell you that I love it. There are so many channels to choose from that I never get bored anymore. I can listen to any kind of music uninterrupted for as long as I want. I can listen to celebrities talk about stuff. I get to hear Howard Stern every day. I just love it.

I Highly recommend getting into the SiriusXM Radio family. There is alot you can learn about them just by going to their site. Here is the link: SiriusXM Satellite Radio

As you probably already know, there is a small subscription fee to get the service. It is well worth the money they charge because of how much you get for the price. By the way, did I mention that the SIriusXM service is uncensored? It is nothing like regular radio where they have to bleep or cut things out of the dialogue because of FCC regulations. Satellite Radio is not regulated by the FCC so SiriusXM can do or say just about anything they want to.

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