Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surveys online for Cash. Is it really possible?


Jason Hilton

Taking surveys and earning cash and/or rewards has become an awesome supplement for my wife and me. My name is Jason and I take surveys online for cash and for items like TV\'s, trips, cars, laptops. You name it, I have earned it through surveys. But it didn\'t come free to us.

A few years ago, my family and me were seeing some hard times with money and such. I was the only one working and barely making enough money to pay the bills. My wife had suggested we try to do something at home to make extra money on the weekends. So we started out doing yard sales and flee markets, but those took up a lot of our time and got cumbersome after a few months. Not to mention we weren\'t making enough money to amount to anything really.

I began searching online for ways to make quick cash from home using the computer. I bought a couple of programs costing me a total of $249 after all was said and done. I read all the material, did all the steps (at least I think I did it right) and did not even make my money back. I was torn about making money from home and convinced that it couldn\'t be done.

My wife, however, took a different approach. She called me on my phone one day and asked me what do I think about taking surveys for cash and for rewards like the items I mentioned above. I asked her how much did it cost and she said, nothing but a few minutes of time. I told her to go for it since we didn\'t have anything to lose on the deal.

I came home from work after being gone for 4 days (I am a truck driver) after that phone call. My wife, Janee\', was waiting for me with a huge smile on her face. She said, 'Guess what?'. That usually means she bought something she shouldn\'t have. I asked her what was up and she took me to the computer and showed me that she had earned $115 for doing surveys over that past 4 days.

When she asked for payout and we received the money she had earned, I was then convinced that it can be done. I was also stoked enough to get it on it myself. That was 4 years ago.

My wife and I have made, with rewards and cash total, an additional $18,332 in the past 4 years. Now I know that\'s not breaking the bank, but we only do the surveys 3 times per week on an average of 2 hours per day. That is equivalent to $14 per hour from home. And it can be ramped up if we choose to, but we like spending most of our free time with the children.

If this is something that you think would be good for you and your family, then my wife and I recommend beginning with Survey Adventure. There is absolutely no cost and they are a fun research company to work with. So, have fun an good luck!

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