Friday, April 18, 2008

Diesel Fuel Prices and Trucker Complaints.

I understand that the fuel prices are affecting the independent truckers in more ways than most people can imagine. However, it pisses me off on how many truckers I hear complaining about the fuel prices, but still they keep driving their trucks! As long as there is a demand for the fuel, then the supply will keep coming and the prices will keep rising. I mean. it's like the truckers are saying, "These damn fuel prices are rediculous and I am tired of it....But I am going to continue to keep paying for the high fuel". Read that quote over and over again until you hear how stupid it sounds in your head.

My point here is, if you are going to keep enabling the oil industry by purchasing their fuels at the prices they are asking, then STOP complaining because it's YOU who are keeping them in business. So in essence, it's YOUR responsibility to put a stop to it. Complainers who enable the subject of the complaint are hypocrites in my opinion. If truckers really want the fuel prices to come down, then Stop driving, grab a pickett sign and head to Washington DC. Be sure to bring boxes of food and coolers of drinks to last a very, very long time. I'd say 4 - 6 months at least. And be prepared to bathe in fountains and public water sources such as lakes and ponds. Oh yea, and bring a tent to park on the capital buidings lawn so you can have somewhere to seek shelter. The government doesn't listen to the CB Radio, drivers. You have to be seen to be heard. So stressing yourself with complaints to other drivers is only going to make you feel miserable. Do something, and stop saying so much and not acting.

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