Monday, October 1, 2007

A Truckers Life!

A Truckers life is more complicated than most people think. It consists of persitance, consitancy, and sacrifice. Truckers are a special breed of people whom are second to none. The love for the road is great to truckers and the freedom is addictive.

Persistance - Truckers have to deal with adversity everyday in an ever changing environment. The pressures and stress of the road can be compared to being a Judge or a Lawyer. We have to constantly make last second decisions, sometimes effecting life or death. Truckers have to be persistant enough to keep their minds on their jobs in order to keep safety prevelant on the road not just for themselves, but even more so for other motorists. If truckers let their guard down, then bad things can happen.

Consistancy - Drivers are constantly scanning their surroundings. There are so many things that can change in an instant. Dealing with ignorant motorists is one example of change. You never know what people are going to do on the road so drivers have to be consistant with how they operate and deal with changing conditions.

Sacrifice - Drivers sacrifice a lot to be a trucker. Most drivers on the road today have dealt with home time issues, spouse problems due to being gone from home, their kids treating them like strangers when they do come home and also, drivers sacrifice public respect. Most people have no idea what it is like to be a trucker and could care less about trucking. If only they knew! We deliver american commidities to make life easier for those who don't know. We touch Everyone's lives in this country and deal with the fact that people don't care about us. We are treated like trash at most places and the public opinion about truckers is most always negative.

Being a trucker is about true survival in a society that despises trucks and drivers.
We must maintain our respect amongst each other and ignore the idiots who scar our names.

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tobytt21 said...

Hey bud I would have to agree with you whole heartedly. I have to deal with two evils in that aspect, I am a military truck driver and you would not believe how much I have to put up with from those who have no idea what my job entails.

I have just finalized my divorce because my ex wife couldn't deal with me being gone and she ended up losing her strength and ended up being unfaithful. But its those people that want to pass judgement on someone about their line of work without giving consideration to what that person does for their country without wanting anything in return except for their respect that they have truely and honestly earned and deserve. I'd like to get others opinion as well as others my generic email is tobytt21@hotmail if you'd like to visit with me feel free to contact me. Until then stay safe and keep on pushin to keep this country going.

Specialist tobiasson (US Army) aka Dead Dog