Saturday, September 15, 2007

Truck Stops - Trick or Treat

Written By - Suzanne At Coops

Any trucker will tell you that a truck stop that treats truckers like kings and queens is a good place to stop. In recent years, many of the old time trucking hang outs have closed their doors, leaving mainly the big boys of truck stops- Travel Centers of America (TA), Petro Truck Stops, Loves Travel Centers, Pilot Truck stops and the like. The old timers recall truck stops from the 76 chain, Ted’s of Ashfork and Quartzite, Arizona, and others- including more recently the Bosselman Truck Stops and the Rip Griffins. The new timers won’t even know what you’re talking about.
Gone are the days of high service diners with personal service. Here are the days of the standardized trucker themed menu with more concern for corporate methods than merit. And, though truckers appreciate standardization in some areas, they don’t like the way standardization seems to squeeze out that personal touch at the truck stops.
Some truck stops and truck service locations that stand out as “unique” these days are:
Danny’s a Big Rig Resort
I 10, exit 136, 67th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 602-484-7046 Truck wash. Chrome shop. CB shop. Alignments. Repair shop. Tire shop. Polishing. Laundry. Deli/grille.
Jubitz Truck Stop
I 5, exit 307, East Marine Drive,Portland, Oregon 800-523-1193 Truck wash (Blue Beacon), The Portlander Inn hotel. Large laundry- full service and do-it-yourself. The Cascade Grill restaurant. The Ponderosa Lounge, a county and western bar. Tire shop. Cinema. Nearby repair facilities and truck dealerships.
75 Chrome Shop
I 75, exit 329, route 44, Wildwood, Florida. 866-255-6206 Chrome shop. Laundry.
Dysart’s Truck Stop
I 90, exit 180, Colbert Road, Bangor, Maine Truck stop restaurant featuring a “truckers only” table.
Little Sisters Truck Wash
I 10, Raymond Road exit, Thousand Palms, California 760-343-3448 Truck Wash. Showers. Laundry
Little Sisters Truck Wash
I 15, Lenwood Road exit, Barstow, California 760-253-2277 Truck Wash. Showers. Laundry.
Little Sisters Truck Wash
I 10, exit, Eloy, Arizona 520-466-3014 Truck wash. Showers. Laundry.

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